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In honor of my first post I’m going to post pictures of famous nannies (real and fictional) through the years!

1. Jo Frost of Supernanny

She’s pretty much brilliant!!


2. Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins

Perhaps one of the most famous nannies of all time…wish I could sing like her!


3. Scarlett Johannson in The Nanny Diaries

While it’s the inspiration for the title of my blog, this would be a nightmare job (other than living in the city!).

However!  If the job included a “Harvard Guy” (aka Chris Evans) then it might not be too bad!  😉


4. Fran Drescher in The Nanny

Only my favorite nanny ever!  Nanny Fine is hilarious…though not necessarily the best role model for nannies!  Haha.


I know she’s not a famous nanny…but she’s someone I would never want to nanny for!!  😛

5. Kate Gosselin

Her kids may be precious (especially the sextuplets) but there is absolutely no way I would ever be a nanny for this woman!


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